08 Feb 2018
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Walnuts as a vitamin complex

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Walnut is a unique miracle of nature. It is rich in various vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants, minerals. In it, vitamin C, much more than in citrus fruits.

They can be used both in cooking and for medicinal purposes. It is important to remember that in 100 gr. walnuts contain 650 calories. Therefore, use a walnut, recommend no more than five pieces a day.

This kind of fruit reminds us of the human brain. Even in ancient times, people used nuts to improve mental performance, because they contain polyunsaturated fatty acids.

We also know that nuts contain many vitamins C, B1, B2, PP, carotene, quinines, fatty oils, fiber, iron, various acids, micro and macro elements, calcium magnesium and what is not unimportant iodine.

Surprisingly, it is a fact that walnuts lower the level of cholesterol in the blood. They are used for the prevention of sclerosis, atherosclerosis, as well as for beriberi and metabolic disorders. By eating walnuts we can restore blood pressure to normal.

Nuts help to strengthen the immune system and remove radionuclides.

Favorably affect the microflora of the intestine, treat the stomach ulcer.

Replenishing your diet with walnuts, we make your skin beautiful and healthy. And what a thank you will tell you your nails and hair! In cosmetology also use nut oil. It helps well from burns, eczema, and psoriasis. Honey and nuts are the strongest aphrodisiac. They increase the potency of men. For a man, it is enough to eat seven nuts a day to maintain one’s health.

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08 Feb 2018
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Walnuts and cooking

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We know that walnuts have more advantages than other nuts. Its taste and energy values are of great importance for human life. Walnut is used both in raw form and additives to various dishes. Widely used in cooking and desserts.

Simple dishes, with the addition of walnuts, acquire a piquant taste. For example, in Asia, a nut is added to meat dishes. Sauces, salads, confectionery cannot do without this ingredient. Halva is made from seeds, but nuts are necessarily added there. To supplement your body with useful minerals and trace elements, as well as vitamins, it is recommended to eat five seven walnut kernels every day. They are excellent antioxidants and a wonderful dietary product. Interestingly, they can replace the meat in its composition since they contain protein. In a fasting or diet period, it is also recommended to eat nuts.

Appetizing combination of nuts can be used with many products such as meat, carrots, beets, apples. Nuts contain fats, so getting them we must remember that the taste should not be bitter, but be a bit tart. Fruits – in the form of an elongated shape and golden in color.

I would like to emphasize confectionery products with the addition of nuts. Sprinkles, cakes, pastries, cookies all with nuts, And what delicious rahat – lukum, baklava, sherbet, that you lick your fingers.

Soups, cereals, poultry dishes, beef, game, meat rolls, chicken all cook with the addition of walnuts. If you add garlic plus pineapple, we get a delicious sauce.

The combination of apple and walnut, we get an easy, useful dessert. Let’s add cabbage and we have a salad.

Various marinades, dressings, sauces such as garo, satsebeli, and pesto are also prepared with the addition of walnut plus mustard. And what delicious compotes and jelly, sweet water and liquor. With kernels of a nut squeeze out much oil and it is valuable product which can be added in food.

It is especially good to take walnut fruits in the winter and spring periods. When the human body is weakened and requires energy recharge. It is recommended to make such a mixture with the addition of nuts, honey, lemon, dried apricots, raisins and prunes. It is a strong source of vitamins to increase hemoglobin and vitality.

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08 Feb 2018
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The healing properties of the walnut

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Since ancient times, walnuts have been considered the most effective remedy for many human ailments. Since all parts of this plant are very useful for humans and are used widely in folk medicine.

Another medieval Persian doctor Avicenna, discovered the healing properties of walnut. In his writings there are many useful recipes associated with this fruit. For example, tuberculosis can be cured with nuts and honey. Nut strengthens the liver, heart, brain.

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The kernel of the nut with milk, promotes the removal of toxic substances from the body, and also strengthens the immune system.

They contain tannins, essential oils, phytoncides, quinones, minerals, macro and microelements of potassium, magnesium, iron, iodine, rich in zinc, sulfur. To maintain hair, nails, and skin in good condition, we must consume amino acids, and there are many of them in nuts. Eating 5 nuts a day, we are charged with positive energy and a charge of vivacity, protect our body from radiation, improve memory. And all this thanks to walnuts.

No wonder this tree received another name – the tree of life.

If you mix cheese, raisins and nut kernels so we strengthen the heart muscle, the nervous system. To cleanse your body of poisons, it is enough to eat two nuts with two wine berries. It is enough to eat three walnuts with honey in the morning and it is a good prevention against headache, insomnia, and atherosclerosis.

Fry three nuts and shells, pound, and then add a tablespoon of fish oil, and then it is good to lubricate wounds and places damaged by eczema. Do this several times a day. It is very good to eat nuts for the prevention of eye diseases. Buckwheat groats and walnuts grind 1: 5 and pour in the evening with yogurt, and in the morning eat 1 tbsp. spoon of this mixture. So continue for 5 months. This recipe can be used for those who suffer from diabetes.

Magnesium is necessary for our brain. If it is not enough, a person is easily irritated, in a depressed state. Therefore, nuts are a good contributor to this vitamin.

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08 Feb 2018
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History of the walnut

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Walnut (Juglans regia L.) – a strong, branchy tree. Relate to the family of walnuts. The height of the tree is 10 meters. A large, green, strong tree with fruit of nuts.  After planting begins to bear fruit after five or even ten years. It is desirable to transplant the walnut and put stones under the roots so that the shell is softer. In the season, the nut can please the owner of 400 kg. nuts. The lifetime of the nut reaches up to 200-300 years.

We know that the nut is a very ancient plant. Archaeologists have found excavations of walnut in Greenland and Siberia. In Greece, this plant was grown in gardens, and then it wents to Italy, and then to the countries of Germany, France, Switzerland. At the beginning of the nineteenth century a walnut tree fell into the Crimea.

The fruit of the nut is covered with a green peel, which turns black during maturation. Use both the green party and the core itself and the walnut partitions.

The tree grows not only in Europe, but also in Japan, China, and Korea. It is also called mahogany, king’s nut, voloshsky nut. He became Greek when his merchants brought from Greece. Other countries gave him the name – English and Persian tree. Suppliers of walnut, there are countries China, Turkey, Moldova, India, Iran. But the most delicious and healthy walnut grows in Ukraine.

Known is the fact that ordinary people were forbidden to eat nuts, they were consumed only by the priests of Babylon in order to grow wiser.

Popular varieties of nuts: Carpathian, Japanese, English, they are usually very resistant to disease. In America, grow black walnuts. In Ukraine, such nuts as Elite, Bulganak, Osipov, etc. are popular in Ukraine. In landscape design, walnut trees are used, only dwarf ones.

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08 Feb 2018
delicious walnuts

How to choose quality and delicious walnuts

вкусные грецкие орехи

      As we already know, nuts are very important for our body. And they represent a very important energy value in general. They have a lot of vitamins and important elements. A handful of nuts a day and a source of vitality is assured to us. They are a high-calorie food and very well satisfy hunger.

     But how to choose the right tasty and quality nuts?

Select the nuts carefully and carefully.

     Popular types of nuts are almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, peanuts, each in its own way delicious. But walnuts are the most useful and common food product. It can be chosen both in a cleaned form and in a shell. Quality and good walnuts are usually elongated with a thin shell. If the nut is in the peel, then it must be whole without mechanical damage. Buy whole unshredded nuts, since it is better to see what kind of quality it is. They should not be moldy, stained, the color should be smooth and golden. When we clean the nut from the shell, there should be no dust. If the nut has a specific smell of old oil, it indicates that it is last year’s. The color of this nut is bright yellow. Such a nut is not worth buying. The kernel should not be wrinkled and whole. If you buy an inshell nut, we need to shake it. If it thunders, it’s old. A fresh nut is more difficult to split than last year’s. Also you need to pay attention to the dryness of the product, it should not be wet or damp.

      Buying walnuts in the package, you need to study it properly. Are there any damages, is there a date and expiration date of the product, it is indicated on the manufacturer’s packaging, is there any foreign debris, is there no condensation.

      Keep the nuts in a dry and cool place, preferably in the freezer for a month.

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08 Feb 2018
Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds as a vitamin complex

Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin, and in particular pumpkin seeds are known to mankind for many centuries. The native land of pumpkin seeds is traditionally considered South America, as well as the south of North America. After the discovery of these continents, the new plant readily took root in Europe, where people quickly evaluated a variety of medicinal properties, not only the fruit itself, but also the seeds.

The use of pumpkin seeds for the body is enormous, because in them, besides a lot of organic substances, the whole Mendeleyev table is contained.

The food is consumed both in fried or raw form, and in the composition of various dishes, as well as pumpkin oil. It is important to remember that when eating seeds for food, you should know the measure.

About forty percent of the seeds are fatty oil, which includes glycerides of linolenic, oleic, stearic and palmitic acids, as well as essential oils. Here also include phytosterols, which contribute to the prevention of cancer, various amino acids, as well as a huge list of vitamins, including seven vitamins from group B, vitamins E, K, C and A.

Among the inorganic substances, ash components are released, which constitute about five percent of the composition of the seeds. Also in the composition is a huge amount of minerals, like microelements: potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and sodium, and trace elements: zinc, selenium, iron, manganese and copper. This diversity allows the use of pumpkin seeds as a preventive agent for various diseases, in toxicities in pregnant women, in treatment for depression. Use in moderate amounts of seeds allows men to reduce the risk of prostatitis and restore their masculinity.

The calorie content of one hundred grams of seeds is 559 kcal, which makes it possible to use them as a source of energy for people who play sports and watch themselves.

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08 Feb 2018
Pumpkin seends

Pumpking seeds and cooking

Pumpkin seends

We know that pumpkin seeds are a very nutritious and healthy product. The caloric content of one hundred grammes of seeds is 556 kcal, their energy value is as follows: proteins – 24.5 grams, fats – 45.8 grams, carbohydrates – 4.7 grams. This knowledge gives us an opportunity to look at this food product differently. Nowadays, pumpkin seeds are increasingly used to prepare various dishes: from sauces, to sweets, and also in pure form: raw or toasted.

The most common in cooking are precisely roasted seeds, since after frying they acquire a unique taste and aroma. In addition, in Central European countries, very often pumpkin oil is used, adding it to various salads, soups and other dishes. It is worth noting that pumpkin oil significantly benefits in its usefulness and safety in comparison with butter, as it can be eaten without fear even to the elderly.

The seeds themselves are used in cooking, for example, porridge. Depending on the tastes of a person, you can add both raw and fried seeds. They are also often added to various salads, stews, guacamole sauces and pesto, and all sorts of pastries. Of the fried seeds and honey, cook extraordinarily useful sweetness – granola, vitamin bars, in which you can also add many different components for different tastes.

In the winter-spring period, when the body feels a sharp shortage of vitamins and minerals, adding a small amount of seeds to any ready-made dish will favorably affect the state of immunity, which will make it possible to feel good and lead an active lifestyle.

The simplest and at the same time having a refined taste is a sauce based on ground pumpkin seeds with the addition of garlic, minced greens, dressed with olive oil and lemon juice. To taste, add salt and pepper. After that, you can add ready-made sauce to dishes from fish, vegetables, pasta.

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08 Feb 2018
pumpkin seeds

How to choose and store pumpkin seeds

pumpkin seeds

Good tasty pumpkin seeds, choose only for ripe, strong pumpkin fruits. It should be ripe, bright orange color without mechanical damage, the skin is smooth. Seeds are picked from pumpkins before frost. Cut it carefully so as not to damage and get pumpkin seeds. They are carefully cleaned from the pulp, washed with cold water and allowed to dry in a warm room. You can get wet with a napkin and lay it on the parchment. Then they can be slightly dried and then fried at a low temperature in the oven. But we must remember, the simpler the treatment of seeds, the more preserved in them useful and nutritious elements and vitamins.

To multiply the benefits of pumpkin seeds, we must grow them. How to do it? We wash the unpurified seeds, put them on a plate, pour cold water and leave for two days to be stored in a dark place. In this case, every 12 hours we change the water. Seeds with germinated sprouts can be eaten as an independent food product, and an additive to the salad.

Since the seeds contain fats and carbohydrates, they can safely claim a lot of high-calorie snack. Watching the movie can not do without tasty, fried seeds!

If there is no possibility to prepare seeds by yourself, then you can buy pumpkin seeds in a store, supermarket, on the market. How to choose the right seeds? Peel seeds should be smooth, without deformation. If the seeds have the smell of bitter oil, they can not be eaten.

Store the seeds in a glass jar, tightly closed with a plastic lid. You can also use plastic food containers, tightly closed. The storage temperature is 20-22 degrees. Taste quality of seeds lasts up to a year, and in the purified form up to six months of time.

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08 Feb 2018
pumpkin seeds

History of pumpkin and pumpkin seeds

pumpkin seeds

For a long time in the caves of Mexico, archaeologists have discovered this valuable food product. Even before our era, Indians living in the American continent used a pumpkin in their diet. Seeds of pumpkin were the main quality dietary supplement to food. Pepitas – the name of pumpkin seeds in Mexico. The same word is used for yachts and trademarks.

The inhabitants of ancient Greece, also widely used in their diet this high-calorie product. It was noticed that pumpkin seeds do not lose their nutritional value even after lying for five months, but on the contrary they preserve and it is possible to say they accumulate the protein content. In 100 gr. Seed contains about 559 calories.

Under the guidance of Academician N.I. Vavilov in 1926 gourd was found in North Africa. So began the procession of golden pumpkin around the world. In the Old Testament, there is also a mention of this miraculous product.

In their writings Petronius and Cormella also mentioned the golden pumpkin.

Many nationalities use this vegetable in different household needs. For example, the Latin American Indians made pumpkins from their pumpkins for their children.

In China there is a belief that the family was strong, you need to give the newlyweds a mascot from a pumpkin.

The pumpkin came to us in the 16th century from the east along with the Persian merchants, or from the West, in any case, we are grateful for this wonderful storehouse of vitamins and useful elements.

In our climate, it has miraculously taken root and yields good harvests. There are many varieties of pumpkin, we in Ukraine use a table pumpkin and its seeds.

08 Feb 2018
Pumpkin seeds

The healing properties of pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin and pumpkin seeds are known to mankind for more than 3 thousand years. In the homeland of pumpkin, in South America, the medicinal properties of this product have been actively used to treat various ailments and prevention. Since the discovery of America, we have also learned to use this unusually useful plant as not only a source of food, but also as a cure for many diseases, and also to keep the body in good shape.

It is important to know that the treatment uses mostly non-roasted seeds, since they contain much more useful organic compounds and minerals than in heat-treated seeds. In view of the wide variety of chemical composition, the seeds can be used to treat various diseases.

The most popular pumpkin seeds are a preventive remedy for intestinal parasites. Phytosterol Cucurbitin – a substance that is present in large quantities in pumpkin seeds, causes paralysis of the nervous system of parasites, causing them to die and the body has the ability to get rid of them. The advantage of seeds here is that they are non-toxic to humans, do not cause any irritation of the mucous membranes of the stomach or intestines, and also have no age limits.

It is also very useful to add raw seeds to food during the winter-spring period, when avitaminosis can significantly reduce immunity, which can lead to frequent illnesses and poor health. This property of seeds is explained by the fact that they contain a large amount of zinc, in connection with this they are recommended for those who have brittle hair and nails.

Pumpkin seeds are also used to purify blood, reduce cholesterol and improve the salt content of the blood. The fried seeds lower the level of sugar in the blood.

These are not all the properties of amazing miracle seeds, but only a small part. But this is enough to make sure that pumpkin seeds are an amazing well of health. In order to be healthy and feel good – you can buy selected pumpkin seeds on the site http://migatrade.com  and enjoy your life!

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