вкусные грецкие орехи

      As we already know, nuts are very important for our body. And they represent a very important energy value in general. They have a lot of vitamins and important elements. A handful of nuts a day and a source of vitality is assured to us. They are a high-calorie food and very well satisfy hunger.

     But how to choose the right tasty and quality nuts?

Select the nuts carefully and carefully.

     Popular types of nuts are almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, peanuts, each in its own way delicious. But walnuts are the most useful and common food product. It can be chosen both in a cleaned form and in a shell. Quality and good walnuts are usually elongated with a thin shell. If the nut is in the peel, then it must be whole without mechanical damage. Buy whole unshredded nuts, since it is better to see what kind of quality it is. They should not be moldy, stained, the color should be smooth and golden. When we clean the nut from the shell, there should be no dust. If the nut has a specific smell of old oil, it indicates that it is last year’s. The color of this nut is bright yellow. Such a nut is not worth buying. The kernel should not be wrinkled and whole. If you buy an inshell nut, we need to shake it. If it thunders, it’s old. A fresh nut is more difficult to split than last year’s. Also you need to pay attention to the dryness of the product, it should not be wet or damp.

      Buying walnuts in the package, you need to study it properly. Are there any damages, is there a date and expiration date of the product, it is indicated on the manufacturer’s packaging, is there any foreign debris, is there no condensation.

      Keep the nuts in a dry and cool place, preferably in the freezer for a month.

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