pumpkin seeds

Good tasty pumpkin seeds, choose only for ripe, strong pumpkin fruits. It should be ripe, bright orange color without mechanical damage, the skin is smooth. Seeds are picked from pumpkins before frost. Cut it carefully so as not to damage and get pumpkin seeds. They are carefully cleaned from the pulp, washed with cold water and allowed to dry in a warm room. You can get wet with a napkin and lay it on the parchment. Then they can be slightly dried and then fried at a low temperature in the oven. But we must remember, the simpler the treatment of seeds, the more preserved in them useful and nutritious elements and vitamins.

To multiply the benefits of pumpkin seeds, we must grow them. How to do it? We wash the unpurified seeds, put them on a plate, pour cold water and leave for two days to be stored in a dark place. In this case, every 12 hours we change the water. Seeds with germinated sprouts can be eaten as an independent food product, and an additive to the salad.

Since the seeds contain fats and carbohydrates, they can safely claim a lot of high-calorie snack. Watching the movie can not do without tasty, fried seeds!

If there is no possibility to prepare seeds by yourself, then you can buy pumpkin seeds in a store, supermarket, on the market. How to choose the right seeds? Peel seeds should be smooth, without deformation. If the seeds have the smell of bitter oil, they can not be eaten.

Store the seeds in a glass jar, tightly closed with a plastic lid. You can also use plastic food containers, tightly closed. The storage temperature is 20-22 degrees. Taste quality of seeds lasts up to a year, and in the purified form up to six months of time.

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