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Walnut (Juglans regia L.) – a strong, branchy tree. Relate to the family of walnuts. The height of the tree is 10 meters. A large, green, strong tree with fruit of nuts.  After planting begins to bear fruit after five or even ten years. It is desirable to transplant the walnut and put stones under the roots so that the shell is softer. In the season, the nut can please the owner of 400 kg. nuts. The lifetime of the nut reaches up to 200-300 years.

We know that the nut is a very ancient plant. Archaeologists have found excavations of walnut in Greenland and Siberia. In Greece, this plant was grown in gardens, and then it wents to Italy, and then to the countries of Germany, France, Switzerland. At the beginning of the nineteenth century a walnut tree fell into the Crimea.

The fruit of the nut is covered with a green peel, which turns black during maturation. Use both the green party and the core itself and the walnut partitions.

The tree grows not only in Europe, but also in Japan, China, and Korea. It is also called mahogany, king’s nut, voloshsky nut. He became Greek when his merchants brought from Greece. Other countries gave him the name – English and Persian tree. Suppliers of walnut, there are countries China, Turkey, Moldova, India, Iran. But the most delicious and healthy walnut grows in Ukraine.

Known is the fact that ordinary people were forbidden to eat nuts, they were consumed only by the priests of Babylon in order to grow wiser.

Popular varieties of nuts: Carpathian, Japanese, English, they are usually very resistant to disease. In America, grow black walnuts. In Ukraine, such nuts as Elite, Bulganak, Osipov, etc. are popular in Ukraine. In landscape design, walnut trees are used, only dwarf ones.

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